A Social Impact Approach

Centacare Evolve Housing and CatholicCare Tasmania have developed a social impact approach to guide the design and implementation of our wellbeing activities. The approach focuses on the integration of internal services and the strengthening of external partnerships, with a particular emphasis on place-based support.

Individual, family and community wellbeing and social change at the community level is complex. To address these complexities the social impact approach works across seven interconnected domains:

  • EducationCEH is ready to lead a construction-led economic recovery in Tasmania, by building more homes for those at risk of homelessness.
  • Housing
  • Safety
  • Economics
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Community Engagement

The social impact framework is aligned to the Tasmanian Government’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework and other outcomes frameworks. We use this to evaluate the effectiveness of our community engagement and development initiatives.

Learn more about the social impact approach by clicking here.

Better Housing Futures Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove

Better Housing Futures is a joint Centacare Evolve Housing and Tasmanian Director of Housing initiative. Centacare Evolve Housing is building new social housing and managing existing social housing in the Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove area. We also partner with the local council and the community to deliver projects that improve the urban environment. We opened our office in Bridgewater in 2014.

The aim of Better Housing Futures is to:

  • Improve the physical condition of housing through property upgrades and responding as quickly as possible to maintenance needs.
  • Improve people’s health and wellbeing by providing stable housing and offering easier access to housing and support services.
  • Improve the wellbeing of the whole community by partnering with new and existing community initiatives.
  • Improve access to housing by providing a range of housing options including opportunities for those needing affordable rent or home ownership options.

Centacare Evolve Housing’s work in the community is guided by the Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove Master Plan. Click here to find out more about the Master Plan

In 2019 Centacare Evolve Housing and the University of Tasmania published a Social Return on Investment report on the economic impacts of the social achievements of our work in the area since 2014. UTAS estimated that for every dollar spent through the program there is a $4.05 to $4.30 social return. This is significantly above the benchmark social return on investment used to assess the feasibility of public investments. To find out more about the report, you can click here to read it.

Community Initiatives

Our business is about much more than managing and building properties. We have a strong social commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of tenants and the communities in which we work. We deliver initiatives to engage with tenants and the community. Using an asset based community development approach, we work with community members to focus on the strengths of the community. Click here to find out more about our Community Development and Engagement efforts.