This year a Bridgewater family will be celebrating becoming home-owners rather than social housing tenants. And they won’t even have to move!

The family of five who had been tenants of Centacare Evolve housing since 2014—and before that, with Housing Tasmania—will soon own their home which has been sold to them as sitting tenants. This is the second time tenants have purchased their rental property from Centacare Evolve Housing in the last 18 months.

“They wanted to leave an asset to their children,” said Centacare Evolve Housing’s Tenancy Officer, “and we got an appraisal of the property value when they expressed an interest in buying. They got their finance approved and we’re waiting on settlement.”

The three-bedroom house on a suburban block was fully owned by Centacare Evolve Housing who had been managing the family’s tenancy in the property.

“This is an amazing milestone for the family,” said Centacare Evolve Housing’s CEO, Ben Wilson, “CEH fully supports the opportunity for our tenants to aspire to home ownership.”