Moving out

Moving to another property #

If you want to move to a property not managed by us, you will need to contact Housing Connect on 1300 665 663. We can help if required.

If you want to move to another property managed by us, that can happen if you have a valid reason. The first step is to talk with your Tenancy Officer about your reasons. They will give you a request form and talk with you about the supporting evidence you will need, such as a report from a health professional.

Valid reasons for a transfer include:
• needing to move closer to essential services
• your current housing is impacting on your health or mobility
• overcrowding
• you have a safety or security issue.

When your request is considered, we take into account whether your rent is up to date, whether you are maintaining your home and whether you are complying fully with your lease.

Ending a tenancy #

Arrange with your Tenancy Officer for a final property inspection. The property must be returned in the condition it was in when you moved in, apart from reasonable wear and tear.

The original condition report is used to assess this. Any costs for repairs that are not the result of reasonable wear and tear can be deducted from your security bond, or they can be invoiced to you for payment.

When you hand the keys back to us, the property must be clean and free of rubbish and the gardens neat and tidy. All belongings, including vehicles and
rubbish must have been removed. Any money owing for rent and non-rent must be paid by the end of the tenancy.

Getting your bond back #

Any rent in arrears plus amounts we spend on cleaning, clearing rubbish or doing repairs for damages that were not normal wear and tear, will be
deducted from your security bond, or invoiced to you.

Debt recovery #

If we don’t receive payment or hear from you to set up a payment arrangement, we will forward the debt to a collection agency to follow up with you.
As outlined in the lease, costs related to the recovery of the debt will be added to the account.

Rent credit #

If your rental account is in credit when you move out, and there are no outstanding non-rent items, we will return the credit amount to you via bank
details that you will need to provide us.