Moving out #

As outlined in the lease, a tenancy may be ended by you or by us. No matter what the circumstances, we will work to ensure that a tenancy ends in a way that is legal and we’ll support tenants to understand and meet their lease obligations. Where required, we will provide information and facilitate access to support agencies or advocates including housing alternatives.

Ending your tenancy #

If you want to move out of your home you must provide a minimum of 14 days’ written notice. If you notify us after you leave you will continue to be charged rent to cover this required notice period.

Talk with your tenancy officer who will schedule a joint inspection with you to finalise your tenancy and discuss what you need to do in preparation for moving out. In summary, the property must be returned in the condition it was when you moved in, apart from reasonable wear and tear - this is where the condition report is important. We will inspect the property once you have moved out to assess the condition against the condition report. Any costs for repairs that are not the result of reasonable wear and tear can be deducted from any bond that is being held, or invoiced to you for payment.

When you hand the keys back to us, the property must be clean and free of rubbish and the gardens neat and tidy. All belongings, including vehicles and rubbish must have been removed.

Any money owing for rent and non-rent will need to be finalised by the end date of the tenancy.

Getting your bond back #

Any rent in arrears and/or costs associated with us having to clean, clear rubbish or make repairs for damages caused, will be deducted from your security deposit (bond) or, invoiced to you.

Debt recovery #

If we don’t receive payment or hear from you to set up a payment arrangement, we will forward the debt to a collection agency to follow up with you. As outlined in the lease, costs related to the recovery of the debt will be added to the account.

Rent credit #

If your rental account is in credit when you move out, and there are no outstanding non-rent items, we will return the credit amount to you via bank details that you will need to provide us.