Check the condition report straight away #

The lease is signed, and you have your keys!

The first step is to check that the condition report is accurate. Do this before you move your belongings in so you can easily check walls and floors. Note down anything on the report that you disagree with, sign it and return it to our office within two (2) working days of signing your lease. If the report isn't lodged with us in the first two days, we will assume you agree with it.

The condition report will be used at the end of your tenancy to assess any damage to the property, and the impact it may have on your bond.

Check your smoke alarms

If you accept the property, we will provide you with a Residential Tenancy Agreement (also known as a lease) that is written in plain English. We’ll encourage you ask questions about any items you’re not sure about.

The lease is a legal contract that we’ll both sign that sets out rights and responsibilities for you as the tenant and for us as the landlord. If you need help to understand this lease talk to the tenancy officer or bring someone with you when you sign it.

Keep your copy of the lease in a safe place as it’s a useful document that you may want to refer to during your tenancy.

Check your smoke alarms #

When you move in there will be a working smoke alarm in your home.

Test your alarms and if any do not work, call us straight away. From now on, test and clean all alarms every six months and replace batteries as required according to the type of alarm.

Smoke alarms save lives, so it’s essential that no-one removes or interferes with the operation of an alarm.

Always call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Your tenancy officer will be in touch #

About three weeks after you move in, your Tenancy Officer will contact you to see how you’re settling in. This is a chance for you to ask any questions about your property, and go over the terms and conditions of your lease.

Your Tenancy Officer will chat with you about the three responsibilities you agreed to when you signed your lease.

These are:

• paying your rent on time, in full and in advance
• maintaining your home and knowing how to request repairs (see elsewhere on this website for more details about requesting repairs)
• settling into the neighbourhood.

The first formal property inspection happens about 10 weeks after you’ve moved in. Your Tenancy Officer will let you know more about this.

Getting your services connected #

Before moving in, you need to arrange for services to be connected in your name, such as:

• electricity
• gas (if applicable)
• telephone and internet.

Connection fees, ongoing charges and costs for lost, damaged, or stolen equipment supplied by those services is your responsibility.

Property keys #

At the start of your tenancy you get a full set of keys and sign for them.

If those keys are lost, you may need to pay for their replacement or for the cost of fitting new locks. Please contact us to arrange this if it is required.