Community Engagement and Development

Centacare Evolve Housing’s community engagement, development and wellbeing initiatives are guided by a social impact approach and the principles of asset based community development. We work with others to build community capacity and strengthen connection between people and the places we share so that residents and the local environment have the opportunity to flourish.

Tenants’ Advisory Group

Centacare Evolve Housing values the voice of our tenants and we facilitate a Tenants’ Advisory Group (TAG) as a way to gain feedback and help inform us about our service delivery. The Brighton group meets every two months. This group, was established to ensure the perspective of tenants and the community were include in the decisions we are making.

Group members are a key link between tenants, the community and Centacare Evolve Housing.

“If someone had a problem with Centacare Evolve Housing or how it was affecting them I would feel responsible to bring it to this group of TAG, invite them to come to TAG. If they didn’t want to come, I would feel like I could on their behalf to work out a solution.” (Brighton Tenancy Advisory Group member)

Community Developent and Engagement Reference Group

The Community Development and Engagement Reference Group provides an opportunity for residents and local services to inform Centacare Evolve Housing’s community engagement and development activities. In the Brighton area, this includes the implementation of the Master Plan. Members include tenants, residents, the local area police command and a range of service providers. The group is critical for us to work collaboratively and in partnership with others in the community.

Community Capacity Building – The Centacare Evolve Housing Neighbourhood Leadership Program

Centacare Evolve Housing has developed and funds a Neighbourhood Leadership Program. The program brings together interested community members who are already active in the local community to build capacity, develop relationships, identify common issues and share ideas that drive positive community change. Participants learn about each other’s passions and form valuable support networks.

At the end of the program participants have the opportunity to put their ideas, new skills and knowledge into practice. By working in groups, they develop creative action projects to meet identified needs in the community that they would like to address. Centacare Evolve Housing provides seed funding and mentoring for mutually agreed projects.

In the Brighton area, participants have gone on to lead projects such as:

  • A Youth Moving Forward Forum.
  • A pilot project for a rubbish and recycling bin in a public location.
  • A service provider expo to provide information sharing between services.
  • Monthly Café Connections where members of the community gather to plan community activities.

Wellbeing Initiatives

As part of its role in the community, Centacare Evolve Housing seeks to contribute to growing a vibrant and hopeful place that values the dignity and worth of each person. Improving individual, family and community wellbeing requires a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of life. We have designed the following programs to respond to needs identified through community consultation.

Build Up Tassie: This is Centacare Evolve Housing’s construction work readiness program that provides one on one coaching, skill development opportunities and site experience in the Brighton, Derwent Valley and Glenorchy areas. Click here to find out more about the Build Up Tassie program.

Support for clients at risk: Tenants and their families may need support at times to ensure their tenancies are safe and sustainable.

Centacare Evolve Housing’s client support coordination works with tenancies that are at risk due to breach of their Lease Agreement. These situations are often complex and need several services to work together with the aim of supporting families to maintain their tenancy and stay in their home.

The program’s focus is on developing better outcomes across all of the domains that contribute to individual, family and community wellbeing. Our support coordinator provides outreach intervention, develops case plans and facilitates referral pathways to bring key services together.