Build Up Tassie

Build Up Tassie is an employment and training program based in Bridgewater designed for young people aged 15 to 24. It provides pathways and opportunities for employment.

Participants in Build Up Tassie can be from school (Year 10 plus), be unemployed or underemployed, or have an aspiration to work in building and construction. Build Up Tassie participants receive tailored one-to-one and group support. They may attend an orientation program at the Southern Central Trade Training Centre. Participants are then supported to find work experience opportunities with local building and construction companies.

Build Up Tassie is leveraged off the numerous employment opportunities that come from Centacare Evolve Housing’s $80M housing development, as outlined in the Master Plan for Bridgewater Gagebrook and Herdsmans Cove.

Build Up Tassie offers an eight-week orientation program which covers pre-employment training and well-being support, targeted at the opportunities available in the area. Student are then supported as they transition into a range of employment and apprenticeships opportunities – often within construction or related industries.

This program is supported by a range of partners including the local community, Centacare Evolve Housing’s building contractors, Southern Central Trade Training Centre and yourtown.

For a real life example of Build Up Tassie’s outcome click here to read Josh’s story.

Build Up Tassie is a result of Centacare Evolve Housing’s Social Impact Program which responds to the needs of the local community. The Social Impact Program (SIP) recognises that people’s wellbeing is impacted by seven key areas: housing, education, health, safety, economics, spirituality, community engagement, represented in the following diagram:

SIP believes that a balance is needed between all these areas in order for people to live happy and healthy lives. This is why it is important to ensure that the services we provide are:


We deliver what is needed


We provide the service where it is needed


We recognise that needs change and respond to this


We respond to the specific needs of the individual or community

The Social Impact Program aims to bring programs and service providers together to work towards achieving positive social change and improving individual, family and community well-being. For more information or to get connected, email