Affordable housing of high quality and energy efficiency

When the Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness Senator Doug Cameron toured Centacare Evolve Housing’s newly built affordable housing units in Bridgewater recently, it was a chance for us to point out the quality features of these brand new homes.

Every one of these units has a 7-star energy rating, and that means they are comfortable to live in all year round. It means the tenants here will have low energy bills and that’s good for their budgets as well as for the environment.

“There’s no reason why affordable housing cannot be of high quality and incorporate energy efficiency features,” said CatholicCare’s Director of Housing Services Ben Wilson.

“Firstly, these homes are situated on the block to best suite thermal orientation to capture all day sunlight so the occupants can keep their heating and cooling to a minimum. Secondly, we have used double glazing in the windows and higher rated thermal insulation in the ceilings, floors and walls.

“We’ve installed heat pumps that are economical and environmentally friendly.

“We see sustainability as a vital component in the management of housing stock, and the upgrades we are doing to our existing houses have meant that some properties that had only a 1-star energy rating are now in the 5 plus star range,” Ben said.

Senator Cameron was impressed with what he saw and heard during his visit, and Centacare Evolve Housing intends to further improve sustainability and energy efficiency of its housing stock.

“We are looking at what materials can be used in construction that will have a longer life cycle, be durable and suited to the Tasmanian climate,” said Ben.