Housing that is affordable can also be appealing. Centacare Evolve Housing works with a number of designers to ensure we are building houses that are modern and practical for today’s environment.


One size does not fit all and one look does not suit every location. Centacere Evolve Housing uses information about housing need and works with established designers to make sure the housing we build meets the need while also enhancing the look of neighbourhoods. We want to increase access to housing without compromising living standards - that’s why we match demand with modern design.

Our new houses feature well-appointed open plan kitchens, dining and living spaces. All houses are built to high energy efficiency standards and include reverse cycle heat pumps. As well as offering high standards of liveability, we want our houses to have ‘street appeal’, so they are built with aesthetically pleasing facades that feature brick construction, lightweight cladding and attractive renders. By partnering with reputable builders and having our own project management expertise, we ensure a high level of quality and an attention to detail that reflects the pride we have in the homes we offer.

Energy Efficiency

Utility bills are a big cost when running a home and the demands of the Tasmanian climate means that heating and cooling are major contributors to household energy use. That is why Centacare Evolve Housing aims to achieve a 7 Star energy rating for our new buildings – with features like reverse cycle heat pumps, double glazed windows and insulation. The houses are also designed to make the best use of nature’s own heating process with buildings orientated to benefit from optimal sun exposure.

There are significant health benefits from houses that have energy efficiency built into their design. Efficiency leads to more effective heating, which also helps to reduce damp and mould. Energy efficiencies also mean houses are cheaper to run. These features combine to make the houses more comfortable and less noisy.

As well as helping our tenants to reduce costs and improve living standards, energy efficient housing helps us all to play a part in creating a more sustainable environment.

Accessible Living

Building housing is not just about bricks and mortar, it is about design. Our vision is to be the housing provider of choice – that means we have to provide housing choices that reflect the needs of our tenants.

Where possible Centacare Evolve Housing incorporates Liveable Housing Australia’s Silver Liveable Housing Design standards into the houses we build. People have different levels of mobility and everyone’s mobility changes over time. We want to offer houses that can become long term homes and that means thinking about people’s changing needs.

Designing houses for better accessibility involves understanding how people can best navigate and live in their homes as they age. Some of the features we incorporate in our accessible design properties are level external access, single level interiors and wider door openings. In many cases we also include modified bathrooms and bedrooms to help with wheelchair access or other mobility aids. We have even built houses with very specific design features that suit the particular client requirements of various support agencies.