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Centacare Evolve Housing celebrates 800 new sign ups

Centacare Evolve Housing (CEH) Tasmania recently celebrated 800 sign ups to its community housing projects in Tasmania, in a small gathering of staff at its Bridgewater office.

For Executive Director of Centacare Evolve Housing, Tim Gourlay, it was the organisation’s capacity to give back to the community that mattered most.

“One of the challenges for young people today trying to achieve the Australia dream of owning their own home is the lack of affordability,” Mr Gourlay said.

Mr Gourlay also spoke of CEH’s involvement with community support work.

“These are residents [the 800 new sign-ups] who formally had a link with Housing Tasmania for the public house that they occupied, but have been prepared to enter into a lease with [Centacare Evolve Housing,] the community housing provider,” he said.

“This makes them eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance which enables us to put that money towards development, deferred maintenance or community engagement initiatives.”

Kim Bomford, State Manager of Housing Operations with CEH, outlined some of the community support programmes that the 800 new sign ups would help facilitate.

“We’re involved with a number of community forums, for example, the ‘Brighton Alive’ forum, where…we can talk about the aspirations and needs of the community,” Ms Bomford said.

“We do want to be making sure that we’re supporting not just our residents but the bigger picture of what the community wants us to do”