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Celebrating 500 sign overs

There has been an overwhelming response to Centacare Evolve Housing’s new management of Housing Tasmania properties, with the organisation securing its 500th lease sign over.

“The number of sign-ups has exceeded our expectations,” State Manager for housing operations Kim Bomford said.

“We thought we would have about 200 sign ups in the first year, but we’ve had 500 in the first five months.”

Tenants who choose to transfer their leases to Centacare Evole Housing receive priority access to a range of property improvements including bathroom and kitchen renovations and the installation of heat pumps. Since May this year, 61 heat pumps and 55 kitchen and bathroom upgrades have been completed.

Ms Bomford said tenant feedback about the program had been encouraging.

“There has been a lot of positive feedback. There are people who had 20 year-old kitchens who now have a new one which obviously increases their storage space and functionality,” Ms Bomford said.

“We are trying to take a personalised and targeted approach when we upgrade each individual property.”

Ms Bomford said housing was just part of a broader program of community assistance Centacare Evolve Housing aimed to provide, which also included involvement with community organisations and projects, establishing an office in the local area and holding regular community events.

“While we are a housing organisation, we also have a strong social focus and want to deliver practical and tangible benefits in the area,” Ms Bomford.

Centacare Evolve Housing ran a free fun day community event at the Bridgewater Community Centre recently. The day offered residents and community members the opportunity to enjoy activities including a barbeque and pizza lunch, jumping castle, face painting and access to Community Evolve Housing and Brighton Council information.